The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the high cost of quality ingredients and new anti-smoking legislation. These developments have left many establishments struggling to maintain a positive bottom line.

Wine Garden offers a unique opportunity to generate substantial new profits by establishing an on-site winery producing small-batch wines of exceptional character and quality. The winery can be a dramatic focal point of the room or an unobtrusive, behind-the-scenes activity.

Ask about how you can have custom made wine labels for your wine.

Join the many restaurants and clubs that have been working with Wine Garden to generate substantial new revenues by taking advantage of this unique wine-tax sheltered opportunity.

* Free installation of the most advanced production equipment
* Top quality imported juices from Chile and California
* Dependable assistance of international wine makers
* A unique wine-tax sheltered opportunity

Improve your bottom line!

Wine Garden provides you with the know-how and winemaking services that will produce high quality wines efficiently under the best conditions to keep your customers coming back.

Call us today to find out how your business can benefit from our high quality wine service.



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